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Audio Interviews

The Keeper, Inc. presents audio interviews with people who are making significant contributions to the environment and to people's health.

Each interview is accompanied by show notes and a timeline so that you can easily locate a particular segment of the interview as you listen.

The audio interviews are presented as mp3 files. Click on the interviewee's name below to go to the correct interview page. You may also download our interviews into your MP3 player or iPod for future listening!

1: NEW! Suzan Hutchinson, Director of Connectivity for In this exciting interview, The Keeper, Inc.'s Marketing Director, Julia Schopick, interviews Suzan about her work on behalf of to get the word out to the public about the still-present dangers of Toxic Shock Syndrome. Click here to listen to the interview with Suzan.

2: Debra Lynn Dadd, "The Queen of Green," and author of Really Green and Home Safe Home, talks with about both of her books, and shares with us her long-time commitment to educating the public about environmentally safe products. To learn more about Debra, please visit her website at To listen to this terrific interview, please click here.

3: Harry Finley, founder of the Museum of Menstruation and Women's Health, In this exciting and informative interview, Harry Finley talks about his wonderful online museum, which is dedicated to educating the public about issues relating to menstruation. Among the topics he discusses with
  • How women (and men) have viewed menstruation throughout the ages
  • Which cultures are more and less accepting of menstruation
  • Advertisements for various products and how they influence women's (and men’s) attitudes toward menstruation
An eye-opening interview, complete with show notes. (Click here to listen.)

4: Simran Sethi - formerly of and now, environmental correspondent for NBC and MSNBC News. In this interview with, Simran talks about the history and evolution of, one of the top environmental websites, as well as her (and Treehugger's) commitment to the idea that we can all be environmentalists and that there are financially accessible, beautifully designed, fun ways that we can contribute to the environment. She also talks about her role as co-host of the Sundance Channel's "The Green."

An extremely informative interview with one of the top environmental voices in the media today. (Click here to listen.)

5: Liz Armstrong - Environmental Writer and author of Cancer: 101 Solutions to a Preventable Epidemic. In this interview, Liz talks with about her recent book, which looks at the many environmental causes of cancer, and offers practical ways we can avoid exposure to -- and work to reduce the existence of -- these toxic substances in our environment.

Liz also discusses:
  • Some of the reasons why the public has not been made aware of carcinogens in our environment

  • The unholy alliances between researchers and staff at various governmental agencies (Health Canada, FDA, etc.) and big business

  • Organizations that are part of the solution in working to rid the environment of these toxins

NOTE: Liz’s first book, Whitewash,is a classic. Published in 1992, it was one of the first books to examine the possible health and environmental dangers of disposable menstrual products. (Click here to listen.)

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