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Why You Should NOT Boil Your Menstrual Cup

Some women have contacted us inquiring why we do not recommend boiling our menstrual cups—and why we specifically recommend NOT boiling them.

The reason is. . .

While our cups can be boiled, this is not recommended. We use the highest quality natural rubber and medical grade silicone available and the producers of both materials highly recommend NOT using high temperatures or harsh chemicals for cleaning or sterilizing. The reason for this is that harsh cleaning and sterilizing methods like these will quickly degrade and weaken ANY material, thus reducing the number of years it will last. Mild soap or vinegar, as described below, do the job better, with virtually no damage to the material.

We have noticed a trend: Women have written to us who have not boiled or used harsh chemicals on our cups. They tell us that their cups have lasted five, seven, ten—even fifteen years. On the other hand, some women who boil their cups, or use harsh chemicals to clean them, often reorder within a much shorter time.

When they reorder in a short time, it’s great for our business financially. But this is not what we want for our customers! We want our cups to last women for as many years as possible, so we recommend gentler, more natural methods of cleaning your cup: a few minutes of rinsing (not soaking) our cups in warm, mild soapy water or in a dilute vinegar solution of one part vinegar to nine parts water. These two methods are just as effective as using high temperatures and harsh chemicals, BUT without harming the integrity of the high quality material used to make our cups. AND, it is a little known fact that vinegar is, indeed, a sanitizing agent—just as effective as the harsher methods of cleaning and sanitizing, so there is no reason to use harsher methods to achieve the same result.

We have heard that some people recommend washing their menstrual cups in the dishwasher. We do not recommend this. Like boiling, the dishwasher exposes menstrual cups to extremely high temperatures which can shorten their life. So please, stick with gentler ways of cleaning and sanitizing your cup.


Occasionally women have been concerned about their cups discoloring over time and want to know how to remove this discoloration. Discoloration is natural and will vary in degree depending upon the user’s body chemistry, medications she might be taking and the water conditions in her geographical area, all of which might also play a role in lowering the life expectancy of any cup. Some women will experience various amounts of discoloration, while others will not experience ANY discoloration. There really is no need to try and remove these stains. They are just that—stains—and if cleaned as we recommend, your cup will be very clean. Even with stains, if you have cleaned your cup in the way we recommend, it will be considered clean.

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