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The Tampon Safety and Research Act of 1997 a bill introduced by Carolyn Maloney, congresswoman from New York to educate women about the potential dangers of feminine products currently on the market, and to give them the accurate information they need to make informed decisions about their health as it relates to tampon use.

S.P.O.T., The Tampon Health Website -- presents women with facts and opinions so they can make their own decisions about feminine products, especially tampons. Includes information about synthetic fibers, toxic shock, organic cotton products, etc.

The KEEPERmenstrual cup is made from the same soft, natural gum rubber used to make baby bottle nipples.*

Although most women think pads and tampons have been sterilized, they have not.

According to a 1999 USA Today article, the Center for Disease Control says that while toxic-shock syndrome is already on the list of 52 diseases that states are required to report, the agency still only hears about a fraction of all cases. This same article states that there were 814 reported cases of TSS in 1980 and five in 1997, and goes on to say that "those statistics imply the problem is gone." The implication is that it is not.

According to a 1998 article in Vegetarian Times, studies conducted by the sanitary product industry have found that lurking within tampons are trace amounts of dioxin, a chemical deemed a probable carcinogen by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

FDA does NOT require that the ingredients in tampons and pads be listed anywhere in or on the package.

Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney from New York points out that there has been far more testing on the possible health effects of chlorine-bleached coffee filters than on chlorine-bleached tampons and related products.

According to Tom Riley, author of Price of a Life, who has represented more victims of Toxic Shock Syndrome than any other attorney: "All experts agree that the number of TSS cases in the United States are under reported. That is because reporting by the states to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is voluntary and most states are unwilling to incur the expense of gathering the data and submitting it to the CDC. As certain as the sun's appearance in the East tomorrow, toxic shock syndrome will also appear in one or more tampon users, sometimes with deadly results but always with the infliction of a terrible ordeal and some residual effects."

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