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Feminist Organizations -- a grassroots, interactive community by, for and about women, which aims to facilitate information-sharing among women and encourages mobilization around political issues; promotes women's business development, supports women-friendly organizations, expands civic participation and encourages women's self-sufficiency.

Women’s Health Network -- the only national public interest membership organization dedicated exclusively to women's health; its mission is to give women a greater voice in the United States health care system.

Publications -- famous Chicago area publication; covers all aspects of natural living, including environmental and nutritional issues.

Women and Environments, WE International Magazine, -- A unique international magazine, based in Toronto, Canada, which examines women's multiple relations to their many environments -- natural, physical, built, and social -- from a feminist perspective

The Environmental Magazine -- the online edition of E Magazine, a clearinghouse for information, news and commentary on environmental issues. The publication aims to inform and inspire people who have concerns about the environment and who want to know what they can do to make a difference.

RACHEL's Environment and Health Weekly -- a weekly online newsletter published by the Environmental Research Foundation. Environment & Health Background Report is also available online. Includes all back issues and a search engine.

Environmental Sites

Greenpeace -- the world’s “pre-eminent environmental organization,” which achieves change through direct, nonviolent actions and lobbying at international conferences.

Women’s Environmental Network -- a unique, vital and innovative British organization, which represents women, and campaigns on issues which link women, environment and health.

Coop America -- provides the economic strategies, organizing power and practical tools for businesses and individuals to address today's social and environmental problems; a leading force in educating and empowering people and businesses to make significant improvements through the economic system.

Chlorine Free Products Association -- a unique trade association representing companies dedicated to implementing advanced technologies, and/or, groups supporting products free of chlorine chemistry; membership is open to those in industries that are producing totally, or Processed Chlorine Free (TCF) products, or those interested in supporting the advancement of TCF technology.

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