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Product Policies

A. Our cleaning / care policy for both KEEPER and Moon Cups:

At the end of your period, wash The Keeper or The Moon Cup in warm/hot soapy water or it can be rinsed (or soaked for up to 3 minutes) in vinegar dilluted with water (10% / 90%) and let it air dry. Place your Keeper or Moon Cup in the convenient purse bag it came in. NO NEED TO BOIL

B. Our size recommendation policy for both KEEPER and Moon Cups:

Size A After a vaginal child birth
Size B Before childbirth & for c-section

C. Stem cutting policy for both KEEPER and Moon Cups:

Occasionally, a woman believes that trimming the "stem" of The Keeper or Moon Cup will provide a more comfortable experience. However, please be aware that the stem serves a purpose: It is essential for inserting and removing The Keeper / The Moon Cup.

D. Products material description / Life expectancy policy:

THE KEEPER: is made of natural gum rubber (latex). The life expectancy of The Keeper with proper care (ex: not washing in harsh chemicals) can be up to 10 years!! FDA approved.

THE MOON CUP: is made of soft medical grade silicone (non-latex). It's too new to determine the number of years of life expectancy. FDA approved.

E: Why you should NOT boil your menstrual cup:

Do NOT boil or use any chemicals at any time on either The Keeper or on our Moon Cup! To learn why, go here.

The KEEPER and The Moon Cup are manufactured in the USA by
We ship World Wide
FDA Approved