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This is the perfect minimal investment business opportunity for:

  • ANY WOMAN with innovative, creative ideas who is looking for an opportunity to create her own business WITH THE RIGHT PRODUCT. (Your own sense of innovation is the key: You can make it all happen!)

  • ANY WOMAN who likes to "do it my way" -- and is usually right! (Distributors of The KEEPER have an ideal opportunity to flex their muscles and do it "their way"!)

  • There is no end to the kinds of people who might be interested in this opportunity. Examples: Health care providers -- nurses, physicians, midwives, doulas, birthing assistants -- anyone catering to women’s health

  • Part-time working mothers, students, coops, health food stores, any women’s groups

  • Women involved in feminist and environmental organizations -- and other for-profit or not-for-profit groups -- looking for an excellent, ethical fundraising opportunity

  • Health-care administrators looking for an economical alternative to disposable menstrual products

  • And many, many more!!

In fact, if you think this might be a good opportunity for you, we want to hear from you -- even if you don’t fit into any of the above categories. Over the years, many, many different kinds of women -- from all walks of life, and with various interests -- have successfully sold The KEEPER.

Why is this a great business opportunity?

  • Flexibility, autonomy, empowers distributors

  • You can work from any place at any time!

  • The KEEPER can be your one and only product.


  • You can integrate The KEEPER into any other existing women’s health care inventories you might have.

  • Because more and more people are becoming concerned about Toxic Shock syndrome, dioxin and environmental impact of disposables, The KEEPER is a product you’ll be proud to sell.

  • The KEEPER, Inc, has been written about in numerous magazines throughout the world, including Redbook, Ms., Self, Glamour – and a recent article in E Magazine – plus many articles in publications in foreign countries.

Who can I sell to?

  • To women at festivals, health fairs and women’s gatherings

  • To your existing client base - if you have one

  • There are 350 million menstruating women in the world! Interest in The KEEPER has been building for years, fueled by an ever-increasing interest in women’s health and environmentalism. More and more women are trying The KEEPER and telling their friends about it.

  • To health food stores, COOPS, YWCAs, Sororities (or other high school or college organizations)

There are many, many more as-yet-untapped markets, such as hospitals, women’s health centers, birthing centers, community groups, women’s support groups, your online network, and women in this and other countries, who have not yet been introduced to The KEEPER.

How do I find out if this is something for me?

The first step is to learn more about The KEEPER! Please contact us.

Information for Potential Distributors

These are some of our expectations of our distributors:

  • No exaggeration of any claim about The KEEPER in any conversation or in any advertising.

  • To honor our three-month (but not one day more) return policy and to require the same from any sub-distributors you may have.

  • Please send us any brochures which you produce for distribution. Also, we would appreciate if if you would send us copies of any articles about The KEEPER that appear in print.

  • Contact us if you are asked any questions you don’t know the answers to.


With proper care (for instance, not using harsh chemicals to wash it), one cup should last up to 10 years!

The KEEPER and The Moon Cup are manufactured in the USA by
We ship World Wide
FDA Approved